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5@5: Mask mandates dropped | Combining farms with solar panels

Frontline workers feel increased danger as states drop mask mandates

Essential employees have faced combative customers since the pandemic began, with some threatening to physically assault workers who enforce mask mandates (or even worse, doing so). Now that states including Mississippi and Texas are removing mask mandates altogether, well before the majority of people have been vaccinated and while frightening new variants of the coronavirus continue circulating, these workers are once again scrambling to defuse confrontations. The New York Times delves into the issue.

Why combining farms and solar panels could transform how we produce both food and energy


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The fascinating, mysterious science of combining farms and solar panels

Other challenges are more vexing. In a survey conducted by Michigan Technological University, farmers expressed concerns over not knowing how crop or livestock markets might look in the years ahead. A farmer who makes an investment in agrivoltaics must look 10, 20, 30 years into the future to project revenue, and calculating profit margins is still a speculative exercise. Additionally, some farmers surveyed wondered how the concrete and beams might change the land over time, with an influx of large, permanent structures potentially causing issues for crops or for livestock. 

Perhaps most significantly, the upfront costs of agrivoltaics are giant.

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