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10571 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 441-7770

I love Food! They are the best eatery in the neighborhood! Judy, the owner, has been absolutely wonderful in times of Covid-19 to help find groceries that may be difficult to find in normal stores (i.e. Yeast, Flour, TP, etc.). If they don’t have it out front just ask Judy and she’ll order it or find it in their kitchen she’s done so with Buttermilk for us. 🙂 Food is our go to for milk and eggs too!

And their food is truly delicious! I love their French Toast and is always my go to for breakfast.

Food is a neighborhood institution! We love it for breakfast, takeout for lunch, and brunch on the weekends (it gets busy!) My favorites are the ricotta pancakes, tenderloin sandwich, breakfast burritos and regularly find something amazing on the daily specials. Service and staff are consistently great.

If you’re in the neighborhood and not visiting Food on a weekly basis, you’re missing out.

This was literally my first meal in LA ever and set a good tone.

Liked the vibe here. Not a ton of seating, but service was quick and we only waited a moment or two for Saturday brunch.

Coffee was good, tended towards the trendy acidic blend. Avocado toast was good, but bread was a bit too crusty or dry. My kitchen sink salad was ok, but some of the veggies were a bit large to chew and I would have wanted a bit more dressing. Potatoes were WORTH IT. Might have gotten two helpings for two of us. Would definitely come back and try other stuff.

Really liked the kombucha / juice / seltzer selection on the back wall and tried an immunity shot on my way out too – really nice!

Also +1 star for being inclusive, accepting and immigrant-friendly business! :heart emoji: x 10000

No problems with the food but the woman behind the counter is so so so rude. At a time when diversity is on all of our minds why does one feel so unwelcome here.
No , I won’t be back , she could learn a lesson from other cafes on Pico. They are friendly and in these tough business times I choose to spend on worthy people.

Food is easily a signature experience with a generic name. It can easily snuggle up next door to Intelligentsia on Silver Lake and do very well. But here it lies, an unassuming little diner on Pico where it is easily overlooked on a busy street. Still, the place is busy with a regular hipster following that seems out of place.

The food is actually very fresh and quite good. Anything but generic, although even the menu is rife with generic names like Special Breakfast Sandwich, Daily Special 1, 2, and 3, Breakfast Special Scramble, etc. It kinda makes it difficult when you return and want the same thing you had last time and you think, “What was that special dish I ate last time?” But it all makes sense because it’s how I feel in the morning, in a fog, not ready to think yet. Well, you really don’t even have to think about it. “Just give me the special breakfast sandwich please, and coffee.” They will know what you mean.

So go there. Eat food. Go on with your day. You will find your way back to Food again and again just like the others. You just might see me there too.

This place has been my go-to neighborhood spot — a weekend doesn’t quite feel complete without a trip to FOOD for brunch. I always tell people I’m going to FOOD and they ask oh great where are you getting food? And I say no it’s called FOOD!

Great casual feel with a strong and reasonably priced menu for bunch/and or lunch. I’m a sucker for the create your own omelette option but the avocado toast and challah french toast are always crowd pleasers.

Mostly this place has really made LA feel like a hope away from home for me and I’m sad to be moving out of the walking distance but know I will be back regardless!

PRO TIP: Their iced coffee is the best because you get 2 free refills and they will even give you one to go!

We love this wonderful restaurant and the family and amazing staff that make it all work. Everything is house made and so delicious and fresh. I decided to order the entire Thanksgiving Dinner since we are happily eating there so often. I got raves from the guests for that extra great taste in each dish. Pick-up was very organized and packed, cooking instructions on everything. I cannot recommend this gem enough!
Ruth from Westwood

I like the atmosphere here for brunch. Small seating area, but filled with people. The menu seem to be on the healthier side. Guess I’m just not a fan of healthy food. I would say their ingredients are fresh. We got here at a perfect time and got seated pretty quick. Food came out in a decent time. I got the make your own breakfast burrito. The burrito was huge, and I could not finish it. It wasn’t bad. I think the price is a bit on the expensive side, but I think this is a neat brunch place where you can people watch.

Nice brunch place. Casual and homey. My family come here often and like their home made tastes and reasonable prices. The ambiance is very nice with great service staff (positive and fast) and people having a good time relaxing.

Nicely decorated dining hall – you know somebody spent a fair amount of time (and heart ) on it. Tables are a bit small and crowded- small and short as I am I have no problems. My taller friends said they were not very comfortable.

Plenty of street parking (be sure to read the signs!!! The residential areas next to the restaurant have strict parking rules) and a public lot in the back.

Tiny place with on street parking. By the look of the crowd Food is probably busy every morning. I was here on a Sunday morning and fortunate to get a table for two quickly. The restaurant is clean with prompt and pleasant service. The cappuccino was made perfectly and I was even asked if I had a preference of what milk was used. That was a first. Juices are fresh squeezed. The menu isn’t huge but everything looks great. Eggs, Sandwiches, Avocado Toast, Oatmeal, Pancakes all have an extra spin on the presentation. Our breakfast meal was prepared quickly and delicious. Food is also a deli with a case is full of delicious looking items. Reasonably priced too.

Amazing food – great flavor and quality ingredients. My sandwich came out in only a few minutes and the potatoes are perfectly roaste!!

I visited my friend house in this area and my friend ordered for take out.

Food(4/5)-We ordered turkey breast hamburger, famer’s market herb,sandwich, chocolate cake for dessert. Our food was looks like pretty delicious but I didn’t eat hamburger. My friend said hamburger was great. Famer’s market herb was interested tasty from Asian pears and a little sour to my licking but my friend liked that. Sandwich was good but bread was little chewy. I enjoyed eat chocolate cake and it tasted dark chocolate and soft. I didn’t know this place was popular in the area and I would like try to the other dishes. I didn’t think this place food is good but this place food was great than I thought.

It’s good place for quick bite or take out. This restaurant as like deli in New York.

It was my first time coming here. The food was ok. The Pancake was good the only problem was the place did not smell good so it was kinda hard to eat and enjoy. Was busy , food was ok and price was ok as well.

Hands down the best lunch experience I’ve ever had in LA. I juts got off a plane from NYC and I am sitting here being treated like family by Eric. I’m so glad my friend Josh took me and I will be back.


First time here and it was really good! I’ll give it 5 stars even though we only ordered the Breakfast Sandwich from the specials menu. The food was really good, the service was prompt and the restaurant really clean with a good vibe.
Definitely am looking forward to coming back!

I tried this place a few years ago when I came to LA
The restaurant is a real experience
Mind you it’s always packed, but my experience for lunch wasn’t so bad. I waited a tad and was seated at the communal table close to the window/entrance

The FOOD is and was . . . an OMG experience. AMAZING. I had the salmon, my goodness, what a salmon. I wish there were more of these establishments in other states!

I can’t wait to return … will keep posting

The “food” is good, no doubt about it. But to me it’s about more than that. With so many choices, and believe me this is not a cheap restaurant/diner… Why put up with such rude service. And it’s obvious that it comes from the top. I have lived in this neighborhood for years and can’t tell you how much I enjoy supporting our local neighborhood businesses, however on this one I am done. The owner Judy, constantly has the RUDEST attitude! Everyone has a bad day, but it’s consistent there. She seriously acts like she’s doing me a favor letting me eat there! I doubt she cares but as a business owner myself I sure would care if my customers left feeling bad! No thank you!

A homie who is a true foodie recommended we go to this place for brunch. I figured why not, the menu looked good and the price was right. We all ordered a bunch of things between the four of us and I’d have to say each dish was alright. Just that, alright. Nothing really stood out and even the desserts tasted like they were store bought. I had an iced coffee and it literally tasted like tap water with ice.

The staff also seemed a bit stressed out with the amount of people in there, so we were a bit rushed throughout our meal. I’d say that the vibe inside was very chaotic, rather than chill, like the way I like my Sundays to be.

I’d give it another shot, but this is not my first choice in the area for sure.

Judy and her crew helped us send out a bunch of boxes of baked goods (cookies, brownies, jam bars, mini banana breads). Everyone at FOOD was helpful and responsive, and we’ve been getting calls all day about how amazing and delicious the treats are. Thank you so much, FOOD!

Our absolute favorite spot in the neighborhood. High quality, healthy food options including fresh salads and soups. Organic eggs and meals bursting with flavor!

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