Month: May 2021

Cheesy Frizza: Would You Try This Fusion Food Combining Fries And Cheese Pizza?

What comes to your mind when you think about fusion food? Dishes that combine and bring out the best of two distinct recipes, right? Cheesy Frizza is a delicious treat you would enjoy, if you are a fan of both fries and pizza. Made with fries and staple ingredients used in a pizza, this snack recipe is not just filling but also satiates your intense junk food cravings in a jiffy. Moreover, it is a very easy to make recipe and tastes just like a pizza with the crispiness of fries. This unique combination is amazing and a mouth-watering treat

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San Antonio food, bar scene leaders combined on these new spots

The San Antonio River Walk food and beverage scene is days away from welcoming two new concepts: a Vietnamese restaurant which will start serving traditional comfort food on Friday and a tropical bar pouring up “fun, but sophisticated cocktails” next week.  

House of Má and Hugman’s Oasis are both days away from opening in the Witte Building, at 135 E. Commerce St., next door to this just-opened Canopy hotel. House of Má, a Vietnamese spot from the minds of Singh’s, will open first on Friday. The debut of Hugman’s Oasis, a tropical bar, will follow on May 7. 

Both concepts

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