Over twenty years ago on this very lot, 3110 Newport Boulevard, this building was a former House of Pies before becoming an upscale French eatery known as the Boozy Rouge. Then in the spring of 1990, the building was transformed into a happening sports bar called DP's Pub & Grill. In 1999 it was bought out and became Rudy's Pub & Grill. It remained a local hot spot and popular sports bar but no one anticipated what was about to happen next.

In 2004, Todd Carson, a local real estate developer came along and began the ultimate makeover at Rudy's. He gutted the inside down to the old brick wall - with it's universally appealing classic warehouse design - and installed a very innovative and impressive 40-foot retractable roof that exposes the front half of the restaurant to the warm Southern California sunshine. On some occasions it protects patrons from the occasional coastal storm or cool foggy day. More than a year ago the partners installed a shiny, green synthetic turf from Your Turf, which makes it seem as though you're sitting on a freshly mown lawn while you're enjoying a nice cool adult beverage and catching some rays. It's definitely happening, and people are obviously lovin' it, as business has been booming ever since.

And even though summer is a busy time in Newport, when September arrives it's football season and that means games galore. Rudy's walls are laced with 32 high definition plasmas and the crowds pack the joint. And of course nightly there is always some sports activity whether it be the Angels baseball, Lakers or Clippers basketball or Anaheim Ducks hockey, plus the rest of the teams that people support along with NCAA college sports. Reflective of the makeup of Newport Beach and many other So Cal beach communities, Rudy's has its share of transplants from all around the U.S., which really makes for a great atmosphere and many fun and lively conversations. Many a new friendship has developed at Rudy's. Rudy's has been a popular local restaurant and bar for many years, but since the renovation things are so much bigger and better at Rudy's. And there's that retractable roof, that when it's open, the fresh air flows freely and those cool ocean breezes smell and feel great.

And while you are enjoying the action on the 31 flat screens adorning every conceivable space around Rudy's, you can enjoy a complete menu that has come a long way from the basic chicken wings, burgers and popcorn you find at many lesser sports bars. It has been enhanced and expanded under the supervision of Chef David Baumann. In fact, the menu has changed as dramatically as the bar has changed with the addition of the retractable roof. Today's menu is highlighted with choices like Fresh Seared Ahi, Pulled Pork Sliders, Crab & Artichoke Dip, Old Bay Shrimp and other great appetizers. House specialties include the grilled Kobe Beef burger and the 19th Hole Club Sandwich.

There are nightly specials as well, and a unique combination during Monday Night Football where the chef whips up something special pertaining to the ethnic delights of the cities represented by the two teams that are playing that night. What has been surprisingly pleasing to see is the terrific response to the complete and hearty breakfast menu that includes everything from omlettes, breakfast burritos to stuffed French toast to German apple pancakes.

Numerous high-tops and lower dining tables offer seating for large crowds, and they'll be served by an attractive and friendly bevy of servers offering their refreshed menu that has something for everyone - and it won't set your wallet on fire!

That's why Rudy's takes an active role in community sports. We sponsor a Little League Soccer team - Rudy's Rockets, we contribute to pony-league baseball, the men's Southern California Lacrosse league and local recreation-program teams.

We are also eager to sponsor physical-education teachers at schools that might not otherwise be able to afford them. And we're happy to provide food and drink for local athletics events ranging from year-end banquets to special fundraisers. When you start a family and have kids, your relationship with sports doesn't end - in fact, it grows much stronger, and Rudy's is happy to be a part of your team every step of the way.